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USB Chargers for Your Commercial and Domestic Vehicle

How can you make sure that your computer or smartphone will be fully charged up, whilst out and about on the road? You might spend most of your time in your vehicle, as you make your living as a bus, coach or truck driver. Do you work remotely and need constant access to your electronic devices? Or you might be driving to your holiday destination with your family and need a constant power source for all your electronic gadgets. The wide range of USB chargers that we have at Alfatronix are very competitively priced and represent excellent all-round value. You will be equipped with a reliable, charging system for you and your family. What type of PowerVerter USB charger will you choose for your commercial or domestic vehicle?

Commercial Installations

Do you need your phone or tablet with you to perform your duties? This is the case for many professional drivers and you must find an effective charging system while you are on the road. A common problem when you are driving, is that it may take a long time for your device to fully charge. The charging indicator symbol may be on, but there is very little current being supplied. The PowerVerter USB chargers sophisticated design, means that it offsets any voltage drop when output current varies. Because these USB chargers use a small amount of power, you can install several devices throughout your vehicle, without draining the battery.

High Quality Specifications

When you install one of our PowerVerter USB chargers, should you have any concerns over any potential damage to your commercial vehicle? Absolutely not. These chargers have been designed to the meet the highest standards for on board commercial vehicle usages. Our USB chargers meet the BS EN50498 and ISO 7637-2 standard, as well as having the CE (European Conformity) mark. These products are easy to locate on your vehicle due to the discreet blue LED light.

Our Wide Range of PowerVerter USB Chargers

We have both single and double output chargers, dependent on what you require. They all feature a light grey tamperproof covering ring, which is both effective and aesthetically pleasing. They require very little depth to install, which means that you will have a minimal amount of disruption. Our USB chargers feature a high impact grey polycarbonate body, which is tough and robust. Their versatility allows you to charge up all USB devices including Android, Apple, iPad, phone, and tablet. You can expect a 90% power conversion efficiency when charging your devices. Whatever PowerVerter USB charger that you choose, you will find that it is easy to install. The instructions are both easy to understand and follow.

Why Come to Us?

For more than 30 years, we have been producing high-quality power supplies. Our expertise means that you can have complete confidence in our products. Our manufacturing system is award winning and supported by a team of expert engineers.

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