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Our PowerVerter USB Chargers – A Must-Have in Your Vehicle

Where would you be without your electronic device? You would undoubtedly find it hard to live without your smartphone or your computer tablet. What about when you are in your vehicle and the battery is running low on your electronic device? You need never worry about this again with our unbeatable PowerVerter USB chargers. Alfatronix have the perfect range of USB chargers for you. Whether you need to work remotely, play games or simply make a phone call, our USB chargers allow you to be fully charged up, within the comfortable confines of your vehicle. The 5Volt DC power is infinitely safer than your vehicle mains and the installation is easy and quick.

Versatility of Our USB Chargers

What if you have a 12Vdc or 24Vdc system? Due to the versatility of our PowerVerter USB chargers, all the versions within this range can be fitted directly to both 12V and 24V systems, without the need for any adjustments. Your electronic device may be partially charged. Don’t worry, this sophisticated electronic design will detect the power level and modify the amount of charge accordingly. This means that your device will always receive the optimum amount of charge within any given period. With the benefits of this technology, you can continue your journey knowing that you will always be powered up and ready.

The PowerVerter USB Range

Do you need a regular or slim-line installation? Our re-designed 2016 PowerVerter USB Range can incorporate both these, in a singular design.  If you only have 20mm of rear space, you can still install this amazing product. It’s handsome design also catches the eye. The main part of the body is dark grey which contrasts nicely with the light grey ring casing. The LED indicator is impossible to ignore and easy to identify. The overall effect is attractive and pleasing, which befits this high-quality USB charger.  This USB charger has an inbuilt automatic short circuit detection system and it will shut down automatically, if there is an attempt to tamper with it. Once the fault has been identified and dealt with, it will re-start itself.

A Charger Only Version

What if you want a permanent behind the scenes, charger only version? We have a USB charger which does this and the model number is PV-USB2.  This can be fitted discreetly out of sight to power any device requiring a 5V supply. 

Outstanding Success of Our USB Chargers

Our PowerVerter USB chargers are extremely popular. We are proud to announce that we have sold over 100,000 units of USB chargers to date. You too can benefit from our unbeatable PowerVerter USB range, which has something for everyone. We provide a generous three-year warranty on all our USB chargers. The durable design and the rugged materials that we use, means that you can enjoy many years of uninterrupted use.

For more information on our PowerVerter USB chargers, please contact us on our website.