Converters and Power Supplies for the Communications, Automotive & Marine Industries



The widespread use of smartphones and computer tablets has created an increasing need for user accessible, on the move charging systems. The PowerVerter PVPro
Railway range is especially designed to meet all the requirements for rolling stock applications. These units can easily be installed into seat backs or directly into
carriage walls or underseat using the mounting pod.

These units are available in both standard (secured from the rear with a nut) or front fitting, secured by three screws, covered with a discreet cover ring.

Further general information can be found on the standard PowerVerter Pro leaflet. Installations can be carried out two ways: 

The PVPro-S (single output) or PVPro-D (double output) wired in conjunction with the PVPro-F (filter board) can be connected directly to the electrical system (either 12V or 24V). These units include transient filtration electronics to meet the requirements of EN 50155.

However, if the system specification requires galvanic isolation, then the PVPro range units can be used in conjunction with the Alfatronix PV6i-R or PV12i-R
isolated railway approved converters. These units have also been tested as a system to EN 50155.

PVRai S big Bg



Part Number Description Dimensions (mm) Weight 
PVPro-F Filter board to EN 50121-3-2 (use with PVPro series) 113 x 24 x 15 case +15mm wire 25g
All PVPro products  can be used with a PV6i-R, PV12i-R or PVPro-F
PVPro-S Single output 12/24-5V USB Charger 2.1A Ø37 x 33; Hole Ø30 20g
PVPro-D Double output 12/24-5V USB 3.0A (1.5A per socket) Ø37 x 33; Hole Ø30 24g
PVPro-SFf Single output charge only 12/24-5V USB 2.1A Front fitting Ø47 x 33; Hole Ø30 23g 
PV6i-R 6A 24V-12Vdc ISOLATED (PowerVerter Railway Converters) 127 x 87 x 50 505g
PV12i-R 12A 24V-12Vdc ISOLATED (PowerVerter Railway Converters) 167 x 87 x 50 505g
NOTE: An underseat mounting pod P/N PV-USB-POD and wiring P/N PV-USB-H1 also available.



Input voltage range 9-32Vdc
Output voltage 5Vdc +/- 0.2V
Output Power
2.1A (single) 3.0A (double) - max 1.5A per socket
Application Charges all USB devices including Apple and Android
Transient voltage protection Meets EN50155: 2007, EN50121-3-2: 2006
Vibration / Shock  EN61373: 2010
Output noise <50mV pk-pk 
Off load current (quiescent current) <1.7mA
Power conversion efficiency 90% 
Operating temperature -25ºC to +50ºC to meet this specification table
Storage temperature -25ºC to +100ºC
Operating humidity 95% max., non-condensing
Casework Black polycarbonate body
Connections Input: 6.3mm push-in flat blade connectors
Output: USB type single/double socket - tested to 10000 mating cycles
Output indicator Blue LED output indication
Mounting method 30mm diameter hole, secured by rear nut or front-fitting bezel
Safe area protection: Over current Limited by current sensing circuit
Over heat Limited by temperature sensing circuit
Overvoltage and Undervoltage  Limited by sensing circuit 
Reverse Polarity  Limited by sensing circuit 
Transients Protected by filters and rugged component selection
Catastrophic protection       Internal fuse


2014/30/EU The general EMC directive
93/68/EEC The CE marking directive
AES5, ECE R118.02 and UL 94: V-0
Designed to EN50498, EN61373 and ISO 7637-2
To fully meets railway approval to EN50155 & EN50121-3-2
For galvanic isolation use PVPro Series with PV6i-R or PV12i-R
Markings CE and E (automotive)  marked
IP Ratings:                         IP30